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Criminal abuses connected with social networks: daily and high risk for the young people.

Interesting question and answer between doctor Hun and the security secretary in Hong Kong’s legislative council of the 6 February . the main theme is the high risk that the younger generation face everyday on the net, in particular using the social network.


Rather than giving information and technology Gives rise to cyber crime”.

The following article cannot start better than with this quote because it resumes the deep problem we have to face everyday surfing on the net, in which we put in against our will a myriad of personal data.

The question mentioned in the resume starts with a report of Doctor Hun, the President of Hong Kong Council, in which it has been 6983047998_9ba636cb29reported that there is an increasing number of lawbreakers who made female acquaintances (with quite a number of them being underage girls) through social networking websites, then swindled and threatened them, and even sexually assaulted them.  So, he wants that the Government informs the Council about:

  1. the number of reports received by the Police on the aforesaid categories of crimes in the past five years, as well as the number of female victims in such crimes and their age distribution;
  2. of the respective numbers of people who were arrested, prosecuted and convicted for such crimes as well as the penalties imposed on those convicted in the past five years;
  3. and whether the authorities will launch publicity of a larger scale to remind females to guard against various traps when making acquaintances on the Internet;

The reply of the Acting Secretary of the Security begins with the general consideration of the problematic, especially underlining the increase of the use of Internet, but he strengthens this consideration reporting that they also make acquaintances through these channels and that they stay connected with persons whom they know via e-mails or via messaging softwares.

In Hong Kong, a special administrative region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the number of the rapes have been increased in the last years: nowadays one woman is raped every three hours.

The situation is terrible.

The Secretary John Lee has reported that the most part of the victims are underage girls.

The “modus operandi” of the rapists is multifarious: it is very difficult to discover one of this criminal and the most of them are unpunishable. For instance, a young girl, being misled by an online model recruitment advertisement, was forced to take nude photos and then indecently assaulted by the offender during their meeting.

There was also a young girl lured by an Internet acquaintance to provide sex service, from which the acquaintance enjoyed a commission as profit.  There was even a case in which a young girl mistook that her male web friend was a female doctor and sent him her nude photos for diagnosis and treatment.  Subsequently, the man forced the victim to have sexual intercourse with him by threatening public release of such photos.  There was also a case in that during an online chat, a woman was asked to be in the nude and was subsequently blackmailed.

To tackle the problem of youngsters and children being lured and sexually assaulted by Internet acquaintances, various police departments have taken a wide range of publicity and preventive measures.

"Legislative Council building Hong Kong"

“Legislative Council building Hong Kong”

Now  to face and prevent the “phishing”, the Education Bureau (EDB) implements sex education through the school curriculum, with the aim to help students develop positive values and attitudes, learn to protect themselves, manage cyber-friendship and be aware of potential risks of cyber-sex traps and other potential risks.

Also the Social Welfare Departments has realized in December 2012 a short-cut which documents the internet life and what is behind the curtain.


Nowadays is very important to teach to the young people which are the problematics, the crimes and the abuses that the internet surfing involves. There are many software with an integrated program called “parental control” which does not allow kids to reach some websites without a permission or a password, but the kids from 12 or 14 years old are able to go around this walls and get through the net without the awareness of the risks.

It is also an economic data that the rapes are increasing, the most of them thanks to the social network:

In Brazil the raps have been increased of 157% from the 2009 to the 2012.

Now in India there is the death penalty for the rape.

But sometimes there is also those said that is a “woman’s fault”. Lerici, parroco choc: «Stupri? Colpa delle donne»


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